Rodent Monologues

slide pic 1Jay Toole aka SUPABUTCH comes clean with all the dirty secrets you wanted to know but were ashamed to ask.

Jay, who has been involved in supporting LGBT people in the shelters for a very very very long time, has a seen a New York City that you (hopefully) will never ever see. She’s put all her stories together and is inviting you to come hear them.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might feel a little sick to your stomach. And you’ll hear about Jay’s next big project, which you are definitely going to want to support.

Don’t miss stories like:

The Tiger Upstairs
Jay’s Pet Monkey Who Desperately Needed Manners Lessons
Fun with Felonies
I Can’t Believe I Smoked That
Putting Syd Vicious to Bed

And many many many rodent stories. Because if you live UNDERNEATH the streets of New York, you have lots of rat monologues.

And probably some dialogues too. But we promise no talking rats will be present.

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