Jay’s Walking Tour

West Village Walking Tour 2011

West Village Walking Tour 2011

Come with me as I tell you about the 1960s … and how the West Village was back then, what it looked like..felt like … The lesbian bars, Washington Square Park (my bench where I lived for years.)

Learn about all kinds of LGBTQ experiences and history details you won’t find in the history books. Find out what really happened at night in the Women’s House of D (Detention) from someone who spent much time there, learn about why the mafia ran the early gay bars and more!

Jay Toole’s Walking Tour of Queer Village in the 60’s should not be missed.  Jay (Super Butch) retells queer history like you have not heard it before with insight, emotion and raw honesty.
There are stories of the Stonewall Uprising and experiences of living as a homeless young butch in Washington Square Park and what that meant for survival.
You’ll learn about the Women’s House of D, police harassment, the hanging tree and meet others along the way who tell their mostly untold stories of growing up queer in NYC.
A priceless first hand account of our history that will literally make you laugh and make you cry –Jay shares a perspective  that is often forgotten or swept under the rug.  Walk with Jay – and step back into queer NYC history.

Virginia M. Goggin, Esq, Project Coordinator, LGBT Law Project
New York Law Association Group


Contact Jay at: superbutch48@yahoo.com

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