Media Kit

If you want Jay Toole to come to your college/event/organization to speak about Queer Homelessness and the 1960s history … Please email Jay at:

Jay is available to travel to venues

Jay Toole is a 65 year-old butch identified lesbian.

She was homeless and living on the streets and eventually in the Shelters of NYC (and other states) for 25 years and who battled addiction for 37 years.

She is one of the co-founders of Queers for Economic Justice and also became their Director of the Shelter Project for the last 11 years.

She also helped along with other organizations get the city of NY to write policy that ensures Transgender folks to self determine what shelter to enter.

Now unemployed she is doing shows called The Rodent Monologues on her life to make ends meet …..

The Rodent Monologues:

Jays brings you into a life she lived as a young homeless butch (13) up until today

Being arrested for sexual deviant

Working in an underground lesbian bar

Living on the west village piers of NYC

Getting arrested for White Slavery

Armed robbery


Some Colleges Jay has spoken at: 








Key Note Speaker at: Transgender Law Center

Key Note Speaker at: Butch Voices



She had a building named after her:

The Miss Major – Jay Toole Building for Social Justice (which houses these orgs. ALP, FIERCE, SAS, SRLP and QEJ)

In 2006 she received the Richard L. Schiegel National Legion of Honor Award for Emerging Activist from American University of Washington DC

Jay was honored for her service to the queer community by the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.

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